Preforming Tools for forming and consolidating of textile products

Each fiber composite component requires a differentiated view for an optimal production method. This is determined by the required quantity, complexity and quality of the component. Our experience in the production of fibre composite components enables us to optimally design this manufacturing process.
Due to the increasing use of dry textile reinforcement structures in the aerospace and automotive sectors for the production of lightweight structures, the demands on preforming are also increasing.
A preform is a textile, non-impregnated, multi-layer reinforcement structure. In a suitable subsequent manufacturing process (VAP, VARI, RTM), the preform is impregnated with a matrix system and consolidated into a fibre composite component. The shape of the preform corresponds to the later component geometry, whereby the individual fibre orientations in the layers are fixed by a suitable binder. Depending on the complexity, a distinction is made between direct and sequential preforming, in which cores or inserts can be integrated.
The use of our technology enables extremely short cycle times due to the low thermal mass of the moulds and an optimal local surface heating capacity. We adapt the solution exactly to your requirements. In this way, your requirements with regard to process parameters such as heat-up and heat-down rates, process vacuum, handling and quality assurance can be implemented holistically.