Prefixing and laminating Equipment for the production of high-quality interior components

High-quality interiors in automobiles are standard today. Leather and artificial leather are used to create the haptic and feeling of the interior.
The various decorative materials are laminated and pressed onto carrier components. An adhesive builds the connection between the two components. With the help of our heating technology, the various manufacturing steps can be accelerated and cost-effectively implemented.
During pre-fixing, the sewing dress is pulled onto the carrier component. By using locally heatable component holders, the carrier component can be tempered so that the use of a hot-air dryer is reduced. This allows the working time to be reduced and saves valuable costs. The adhesive is activated and pressed by our Qpoint membranes. These membranes are formed exactly to the geometry of the complex components and thus enable direct heating of the adhesive up to the activation temperature. A great advantage is the three-dimensional adaptability of the membrane. Neither undercuts nor complex structures exclude the use of our membranes. Tolerances of the carrier component from the injection moulding can be compensated by the membrane. In addition to rapid heating of the membrane, our membrane can cool the component and the adhesive to the desired demolding temperature.