INNOVATION Short cycle times by close contour heating

Processes can be accelerated through the efficient use of resources. Our textile heating technology pursues precisely this approach. We bring the heat in the process exactly to the right place at the right time.
The combination of textile technology and electrical engineering enables us to produce heating structures with extremely high performance and robustness. The heating structures can be divided into different zones and outputs.
The manifold integration of the heating structures in silicones and fiber composites opens up a broad field of application - on the one hand, components can be directly heated to keep special areas ice-free or to fulfill a comfort function, and on the other hand, production equipment can be created that quickly and in the right quantity introduce heat into the process.
Due to the low mass of the heating structures, very high heating speeds can be achieved. This enables us to reduce the cycle time and save energy at the same time.
Heating speeds of > 50 K/min and temperatures up to 200°C are no challenge for us.