Our electrically heated CFRP tools are used to manufacture a British sports car.

We are proud to welcome our first robot. With this robot we will automate production steps in the next weeks. We are thus positioning ourselves for the future and opening up an important application. 

The year 2019 starts directly positive with a new customer. For this customer we design and manufacture tools for a cutting edge electric glider.

Our silicone heating membranes bring heat to the right place - even for large components such as rockets. The continuous production of our silicone membranes enables us to produce very large membranes. Our customer is now using these membranes for the first time for the manufacture of payload fairings.

We have started the development of silicone masks for adhesive application together with an automotive supplier, . We expect this to provide us with a resource-saving manufacturing tool for the series production of interior parts.

This year we do not send Christmas presents and donate the saved money to the charitable organization Kinderarchse Sachsen. We support the Kinderarche, which stands for values such as charity, humanity and compassion.

Qpoint supplies universal preform tools for stringer production. The two-piece tool and an associated silicone membrane enable the efficient production of stringer preforms up to 3m long.

Based on the very good results of the first project, further model lines of a sports car are now being equipped with preform tools.

The use of GRP leaf springs in the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors is on the rise. Qpoint supplies efficient tools for the production of GRP leaf springs to its customers. The use of GRP leaf springs in the automotive and commercial vehicle sector is on the advance. Qpoint supplies its customers with efficient tools for the production of GRP leaf springs.

After the first successful USA project in 2017, we are now starting the second project for space applications.

Airbus Spain, FIDAMC and Qpoint start to investigate the use of supportive tool heaters for critical thermal areas in oven or autoclave processes. The homogeneous heating of metal tools in oven or autoclaves is time consuming and included risks. Our new project wants to significantly reduce cycle time and to increase part quality.

Our new site is online. We are happy to present you our products and technologies in a simpler and fresher way. We would appreciate your feedback.