Our story

Our story

From the garage into serial production

In 2009 the company Qpoint Composite GmbH was founded as a spin-off from the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research. Through developments in the field of textile technology and process engineering, a new product was created - textile heating structures can be safely and reproducibly integrated into fibre composite structures.
The first products, such as de-icing structures for aircraft or heated mould tools, were thus created. The performance of our products and services convinced the first customers, so that series production for automotive and aerospace components was already converted to our technology in the first year of the company.

Further development into turnkey systems

Since then, the product portfolio and the competencies of the company have been continuously developed. Customer requirements have become more complex and tasks in the field of automation and quality assurance have been added. The mapping of complex processes and increased ergonomics are the advantages for the user.

Expansion of the business area

In addition to applications in the field of fiber composites, we have acquired a broad process understanding in the field of laminating interior components. The integration of the heating structures into three-dimensional silicone membranes enables the activation and pressing of laminated or leathered components.